Regaining Control of the Wheel of Life

Life ebbs and flows. My sense of control comes and goes. I find coping strategies and different perspectives to take control of my life once again. That’s the theme for this newsletter.

The Game Plan to boost your superpowers

There’s no magic pill that will instantly give us superpowers and a productive life. Slow and steady she goes. Ramp up your productivity gradually and give yourself time to elevate your game. I’ve found this ten point plan a great starting point. I’ve actually printed a copy of this post and pinned it on my wall!

Don’t be afraid of your growing To-Do List

Being productive isn’t always about checking off the easy tasks and counting up the number off cross items off your task list. Sometimes it’s more about completing the tasks and projects that have the most impact in our lives. Don’t let your task list make you feel puny just because it’s so large.

One extra point that I wanted to add to this article is that we should also review and curate our burgeoning task list. Be ruthless and delete or delegate tasks that no longer have relevance. It’s time to do some task landscaping and clear out projects and tasks that add little to no value to our lives.

Ruthlessly prioritize your task list by aligning with your goals

If you have a growing To-Do List, it helps to choose the Most Important Tasks to do first. Choose three tasks to work on today and try to delegate the rest. You’ll be able to slowly chip away at that growing To-Do list and see your list grow shorter every day.

Don’t look at the Finish Line. Enjoy the Journey to the Finish Line

The goal is the ultimate sign of completion but it is also important to enjoy the journey. Success can’t be measured by the number of completed tasks. It can be measured by the progress we’ve made along the way to the goal line. You’ll enjoy your work more when you see the achievements you’ve made along the way.

When Life gets crazy and Life overwhelms you…

Sometimes things that are beyond my control overwhelm me like a tidal wave. Here is a perspective on how to ride it out and gain some sense of control.