Refactor Your System

Refactoring is a programming term which means to take a piece of code and rewrite it in a better way. Applications are built iteratively in this way. You start with something that just works, then slowly chip away at it to make it better. Sometimes you refactor a lot right away. Sometimes it takes a long time.

Productivity systems are a lot like code. You have inputs (stuff that comes at you) and outputs (the work you do), and the system helps you get from in to out.

The best way to improve your productivity system is to iterate. I’ve tried so many times to have it all figured out and perfect up front. This approach has failed every single time. Instead, I’ve found it better to start small and build from there.

Are you stuck anywhere with your system this week? If so, ask yourself — what can I do to improve this in a little way right now? Many small improvements over time will lead to a better result over a big change all at once.


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