Recruiting / ATS Systems?

I’m actively recruiting for my tech startup (sourcing / interviewing / hiring) and would love advice on improving my productivity here.

Organizationally the requirements are like a CRM or contact management-- being able to keep track of contact information, stage in the pipeline, position considered for, misc. fields like LinkedIn Url, who referred them, attachments for resumes and scanned notes, communication. While it’s currently on me hiring, ideally the system would be collaborative too.

First I tried Google Spreadsheets + Omnifocus, where I used Omnifocus to keep track of people I was waiting for, people who are still not organized into a spreadsheets, etc. Worked great except for interview notes and attachments.

Now I’m using Lever, which is the latest up and coming applicant tracking system. It’s pretty but rather obnoxious in flow, I’ve had to create a few custom maestro hot keys for it already that execute Javascript to automate repetitive clicks and I’m still far from making it great.

Would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions

I’ve never drilled into this market but maybe MarketCircle’s Daylite is a viable CRM solution?

I remembered looking at it a long time ago. Of course, with any software package, there is a learning curve to fully exploit all of its features. It does look like it can be tweaked to your particular industry. I think they also had Daylite consultants to help bend Daylite towards your industry.

I went down this road at one point. I was looking for a way to keep track of clients and the connections/referrals between other contacts. I ended up on Insightly for a while. But I’m the end I cancelled it and simply rely on searching my email to get what I want. :man_shrugging:

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Daylite, though. It seems to be better for teams than Insightly.

The tool I’ve seen in action is Contactually. It’s kind of expensive but not as much as Salesforce. I’ve worked on Salesfore too.

I’ve not tried Daylite.

Then it’s probably better to have an e-mail address dedicated to clients. This keeps the work of separating all those e-mail promos, subscriptions, and personal away from your client work.

I delete all that stuff. :wink:

Thank you all for the suggestions. I will look into the tools mentioned.

I wish I could find something that synced not only with email but also with iMessage and Facebook (or at the least provided SMS twillio features)

Tyler, I am a recruiter by profession. I have used Trello as a lightweight ATS with great affect. It has served me perfectly as an individual recruiter, as a leader of a large staffing agency, and even as a recruiting manager in a very large corporate environment.
It didn’t replace our ATS’s, as they were required by my employers, but it did an amazing job of seeing everything in one place and providing whatever level of detail was needed for each stakeholder. Every single person I have ever introduced it to for this purpose became huge fans of the tool. It can scale to any size. I have never had the system break.
FWIW, I also think Contaually is the best CRM type tool if you are trying to nuture leads over a longer life cycle.

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Thanks Dan. I would love to chat more in detail if you have some time next week, my email is

So far, I’ve moved off of Lever, imported everything into Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs, and have written a script that automatically switches between Facebook, Email, and iMessage for each candidate according to the next actions labeled for him or her on the spreadsheet

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I just came across this thread so a bit late on the uptake. I had the same issue when I was trying to hire for my startup. I think Lever is really meant for big companies rather than startups. I do like their UI but it can be quite expensive.

I decided to create my own ATS and it suits my needs. I didn’t want to self promote but it is called GrowRecruit if you wanted to look it up.

Did you ever find anything that suited you?

You built all that yourself?

Seems pretty great. We ended up subscribing to BreezyHR. However, we are currently using Trello :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep all myself, thanks! Yes Trello is awesome. I use that for most of my mini projects to keep track of tasks.

I’m an HR Consultant and have worked with most ATS software and systems. I love Lever and Greenhouse but they are really made for large organizations while who are nurturing an applicant pool and collaborating across larger organizations.

Notion has a recruitment database template that can be customized and shared as a workspace. I’m just starting to navigate around Notion but it is feeling like it might handle everything for me. I’ve been using Airtable.

Airtable is one of my favorite tools for DIY Human Resources. It has some templates that are pretty awesome and you can build in ways to connect to gmail. You can create form views for collaboration and have the interview team input notes. It also makes a great way track all your applications, the stage you declined them and reason for decline. I’m still trying to deal with Contact Management challenges and include all the Social Accounts of applicants automatically pulled for me.

I have used Streak to manage an interview pipeline which includes record of when I am declining folks. It has worked for collaboration and helped me pull more of the social accounts. I look for additional profiles on GitHub for tech roles. I always have templates saved for communications.

I like Notion. It’s a nice way to collaborate. I’ll try to post an example of a workspace sometime in the future.

I’m really very interested in this topic! I would love to see how people are managing their processes.

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