Rebranding the Discussion site?

For a while now I’ve been contemplating a rebrand of the Discussion site. There are a number of reasons I’ve wanted to do this:

  1. It’s weird to say “the Discussion site.” Having a legitimate name for this forum makes a lot more sense to me and makes it easier to mention.
  2. There are starting to be a handful of conversations happening here beyond the original intent of comments only. “Discussion” works when it’s comments for blog posts and that’s it, but we’ve outgrown that idea.
  3. Having it’s own name makes it easier to place the context of emails that are generated by the system. When emails come in, they have [The Discussion] on them. That may be fine but it would be helpful to provide more clarity.

Overall, I’m sensing that it’s time to brand this forum in a way that it can be a standalone site. It needs to maintain the commenting structure but it also needs to allow growth and value on it’s own with a focus on productivity and tech.

That said, I’m looking for some feedback on what to move to. I’ve considered a number of names for it. Some are decent and others are utterly ridiculous. :joy: Either way, here’s what I’m working with:

  • Productivity Guild
  • Water Mind Mafia
  • Efficiency Explored
  • Life and Tools
  • Brain Swap
  • Brain Dump
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LOL. Not sure about Brain Dump. Sounds too scatological.

Maybe “The Sharpened Sword” … naw…

I might like the Productivity Guild because it reminds me of old school Dungeons & Dragons

Mastering Life?

The Productive Life?

Productive Mastermind?


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Sometimes I miss nuances like this. :poop: I’ll say this one’s a no-go.

I like the idea of using a runoff of “Master” in some way. Mastering, Masterful, Mastermind.

Where have I heard “The Productive Life” before? It sounds like a podcast of sorts but I can’t place it.

Also, I really like “Guild.”

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I can’t remember if I heard Productive Life somewhere…

I Googled and did find

So that’s probably not an option.

Productivity Mastery?
Productivity Guild?

Fair enough. I can’t say it was on my favorite’s list anyway.

I really like both of these. Between them, I prefer Guild. I like the idea of referring to “the Guild.”

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As a complete medievalist, I am super partial to “guild,” though I like “mastery” too, and it seems to me mastery is the impetus here more than a collective of practitioners who help others (unless we became consultants—and that would be cool). That said, in the back of head, I hear those Munchkins singing that they represent the Lollipop Guild. :wink:


All hail the Guildmaster, @joebuhlig

The last time I thought of “guild” was the World of Warcraft guild raids… Never played WoW but I kept hearing guild from my friends who do play it.

I did a quick Google and found the Book Guild, Children’s Book Guild. The productivity app Habitca mentions something about a guild.

Maybe a new name could be “The Better Me Guild”?

I also googled “Guild Blog” just to see if there was anything there.*

So Productivity Guild might just work.

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Closing this as it’s now been changed. I’ll likely engage a designer at some point to give it a special look as well. But the ball is rolling now. Big thanks to @wilsonng and @sylvaticus for the conversation here. :wink: :tada: