Projects (or groups) in an OmniFocus perspective

Is there any way to list projects or groups in a perspective? I am trying to put the project “Print invoices” into a monthly list. But “Print invoices” is a project or group that includes each invoice.

I don’t want to list all the tasks in my monthly list, just the project.

I am using OF 3 Pro.

You’re better making a repeating task called something like “Check invoice project” that has a link to the the actual invoice project in the notefield. It will mean you have to click out of the perspective to the actual project.

Or you could tag the invoice project with a separate tag than what the tasks contained contained in it are tagged as, them filter for that tag.

You want a “none” group with “is a project or group” inside of it - then the tasks will be hidden with the project(s) shown. If you press alt/opt on the Mac the + will change to a ... and allow you to add the group.

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@rosemary I’m not sure I follow. What is a “none” group?

A none group is like this.