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This idea has been brewing in my head for the last six months, so I think it’s time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

The Productivity Guild is becoming Effective Remote Work!

Exciting right?

We’ve focused for quite some time solely on macOS and iOS productivity apps and tools, with a bent toward GTD and other mindsets. And let me tell you there are some awesome applications out there.

But when looking at the broader productivity landscape, I saw a hole our community could fill: helping remote workers.

Remote work has grown by a whopping 140% since 2005, and yet there are relatively few folks out there helping remote workers become more effective.

What does this mean?

Well, honestly, not much is going to change.

  • We still have the same community, it’ll only change URLs
  • The Pro membership still exists as is
  • We’ll still be releasing regular episodes of Process

PLUS we’re adding new features to Pro and hosting full-length courses (both free and paid) through

The only thing that changes is we’re tailoring our community and content to focus on helping remote workers.

Who are remote workers?

Remote workers are anyone who telecommute in any capacity, whether that’s:

  • full time remote for a remote-only company,
  • working from home a couple of days a week,
  • or running an online business as a self-employed worker.

Should I run away if I don’t work remotely?

Absolutely not! In fact, most of the topics and content we’re going to cover is applicable to anyone, remote or not!

Some topics may have a bent toward remote workers, but most will still pertain to anyone with a general interest in becoming more effective at life and work.

What are the technical deets?

There are a couple of items you need to be aware of.

  1. Next week, will become The old site URLs will still point to the new site, so everything should relatively stay the same.
  2. After the domain change, the next time you log into, you’ll need to change your password.

And that should be it!

I’m so excited to have you along for the journey to help each other become more effective at work and life.


Glad to hear about non-remote workers being still welcome here. I have aspirations to work from home - my boss while working from home, wants me at work :frowning:
I will continue to work at this company, so for now, it’s not an option. I feel no matter where I am, it is a priority to be productive - attention to productivity is a key to success :+1:
Also glad I happened on this post so I know what’s up!


For those of us chained to a desk at work, I thinks there’s still a lot that can apply to non remote workers.

I’ve been working at the day job but am starting to branch out into other avenues as a side job. This community will be a great resource for both audiences.

Riding the wave and looking forward to where we are going! :surfing_man:‍♂


Yes of course! In fact, if you haven’t noticed, We’ve slowly changed the content we’ve been producing to focus on remote work for the last 2 months or so. Tons of it is relevant to remote and non-remote workers alike. We are certainly glad to have everyone interested in becoming more effective at life and work here!


While I signed up to Productivity Guild some time ago, I never really participated here, only listened to Process (it’s fantastic!).
So, as this becomes Effective Remote Work, I’ll definitely spend more time in this fantastic community.

Justin, thanks for doing this!

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Thanks for posting and sharing @aaantoszek! We’re definitely still trying to shape what this looks like for remote workers, so your participation is highly valued and will help do that.

Same goes for anyone else out there – we can make this community something cool together.