Productivity apps & storage

There are so so many productivity apps & storage/organizational apps. Thoughts on these, no rush!


  1. GoPlanDo
  2. TickTick
  4. Gotstado
  5. Notion


  1. Evernote
  2. DEVONthink

Building a Second Brian by Tiago Forte?

The last couple of weeks, I have seen an abundance of youtube, emails, posts on productivity/organizational apps.

General thoughts? Hope you all have a safe/healthy & productive week.

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Well, it looks like you have listed all the pieces you need for your productivity system!

I don’t know if I’d go in cold on all of these apps if I’m not familiar with them. I’d try to master one app or one part of your productivity workflow first and stick with it for a while. Master the app and then move on to the next app. If you’re still cutting your teeth on all these apps at the same time, you might become a jack of all trades and a master of none. You’ll be OK with each tool but you might be slowing yourself down by not being a master of the app in question.

Have you asked yourself what each app does and how does it fit in with your needs? Find an app that can do approximately 80% of what you need. You’ll find complementary apps to fill in all the rest.

After you’ve seen enough posts, app reviews, and educational videos, you’ll start seeing a repeat of core concepts with just a slightly different twist to it. You’ll come to create your own variation of it. I’d say to narrow your focus on one area and master that area as well. Have trouble with procrastination? Go explore that area and master that. You’ll have your whole life ahead of you to slowly master the other stuff.

There’s no magical quick fix for productivity or magical light bulb moment. It’s all about mastering it. Think of martial arts. You have to learn proper stance first. This will give you the ability to learn how to fall, how to take a punch, how to take a kick. Then you learn about different positions and angles. You’ll train your body with different moves and repeat them endlessly until it becomes second nature. You won’t ever have to think about the moves in your mind. You’ll follow through as if it was part of you.

I often see a blog post and it will most likely remind me to brush up on a skill that I haven’t practiced in a while. For example, I read Charles Duuhig’s “The Power of Habit”. I loved it and practiced it. When James Clear’s Atomic Habits came out, it gave me a refresher course on my habits and reminded me to tidy up my habits which I had let fall down a bit.

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