Process Episode 002: What is Productivity?

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Subscribe Description Justin explores the definition of productivity, how it needs to change, and what we can do to better define productivity for ourselves (hint: it has to do with our definition of success). Transcript 00:00 Well, that was fun. 00:03 Hello and welcome to Process again. My name is Justin DiRose, owner of the…

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Excellent post. Really like the tying of productivity to one’s vision of success. It’s the “spent my life climbing the ladder, only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall.”

Side note I used to share when I taught in a corporation: “effectiveness” is from “effect.” So, you can only measure effectiveness if you know what effect you are going for, which relates to your “define success first.”

Thanks again for a good and thoughtful piece.


Great connection there! This is exactly the idea I was trying to convey. You can measure all you want but for what? That’s the big question to answer.

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I’m going to be interested in seeing what productivity will look like in ten years. The definition evolves with society as we move from an Industrial Revolution manufacturing model to the information knowledge worker model and to who knows what will be the next model.

I’m also challenged with what productivity means to me now. What was once productive when i was a teenager is no longer the working model it is now that I move on into a different season of my life.

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