Process -- A New Podcast!

We here at the Guild are very much about helping people out on their journey through personal productivity. It’s not about getting a number of notches on your belt, accomplishing every one of your goals, or even hitting some form of success. It’s learning to live the journey well and become the person you want to be. That is a process.

This week, we’re launching a new podcast titled “Process: Making Productivity Personal”. The whole point is to extend some of the conversations we’re having here at the Guild and to help empower you to walk the journey in a way that’s right for you (hence making productivity personal).

Officially, the podcast doesn’t launch until Friday, but I wanted to make sure Guild members get to take a peek (and subscribe!) ahead of time. We’re still getting it live on iTunes and in other places, so be patient.

If you want a first listen, head over to

Let us know what you think!


Thanks for the great introductory podcast! Looking forward to seeing the direction you are taking… :clap:t2:

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Congratulations on the launch of the Process podcast, Justin! I enjoyed Episode 1 and look forward to hearing more!


Enjoyed it. Great job dude.


Great first episode, looking for more of your insight to productivity and overall organization.

Thanks so much @Brenaud10! Any particular topics you want to see covered?

Hi Justin,
I really enjoyed the show.
I have a request: when mentioning books and other media, if you could mention the title after as well as before, it would really help. That way after your description, and when I’ve decided I’m interested, I can tell my watch to remind me about it.


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I am really interested in learning to be more productive in my work environment. I like how your podcasts are clocking in under 15 minutes and appreciate your comments and suggestions on how to better one’s workflow.
I am still developing mine and found it very hard to change the way I record my tasks as I have previously relied on my brain to do all the remembering. Using a productivity tool such as Things or Omnifocus has slightly helped, but I have to keep reminding myself to put it in the task manager. I would appreciate in a future podcast you discuss tips we (I) can improve use of our systems. Thanks