Pro Memberships Are Live!

PRO MEMBERS: You will need to re-sign up for your Pro membership effective today if you would like to continue to have access. You should have received a coupon code for a free month. If you did not, please PM @justindirose!

For everyone else, the new Pro membership are ready! We have a lot of great stuff coming down the pipe for you!

NOTE: On sign up, you may need to log out and back in again to gain access to Pro features at this time.

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I’m new to this community. And I’m asking me if a pro membership is worth the ambitious price. There are only few informations, there are no teaser or examples. I’m asking me, how deep deep-dives will go, for what topics are there video tutorials and so on. I don’t want to buy “the cat in a bag” (it’s a german adage). So I think you should do more marketing :grinning:

I appreciate your feedback on this!

We’re really working to build the Pro membership content out quite a bit more over the next few months.

If you’re interested in seeing what’s available, browse around the locked categories:

Non-Pro members can see what topics are in those categories, but won’t be able to access the content.

Deep Dives, for example, has just a couple topics in them because previously the category was an early access feature. These topics went public 2 weeks after release. Many of the longer topics you see written by @wilsonng and myself were deep dives before being released publicly.

I’d say if you’re not ready to jump in, stick around for a few months and see what’s going on. At that point, if you’re ready, jump on into Pro!