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Hi Guys and Happy New Year!

I was wondering if anybody has used PlanPlus online

Some of its capabilities that are shown in the video are really impressive

– Weekly Planning: Mission, Values, Roles, Goals, and Tasks
– Daily Planning with Prioritised Daily Task List and transferring undone to today automatically
– Online Goal Planning
– Calendar: Keep All of Your Schedules Organized and including the tasks
– Prioritized Daily Task List

and a few other things that makes the whole workflow very simple and relied upon only one piece of software

Any feedback would be appreciated

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Seems like a very interesting concept, especially if you are into GTD and/or FranklinCovey type systems.

Ah a brief look shows FranklinCovey partnered to make this. Cool.

I honestly have zero experience with it, but if you give it a shot, let us know what you find out! Seems like a unique tool.

The planning seems to be very efficient especially when you can define when your tasks to be scheduled and then transferred to another day as well.
One think that causes me to be skeptical is the fact I have emailed them with a few questions a couple of days ago but no response. maybe they focus on Companies and Organisations rather than individuals.

Even if one wants to do a trial they need your credit card details.
I picked it up from Colter Reed’s newsletter; they have an offer of $50 for a year’s subscription.
Hopefully they will respond soon otherwise I will suffer with Omnifocus planning

I was getting the impression on the site that they are not the highest quality. The site acts really slowly in certain circumstances; not sure what that says for their webapp.

I should do a video on what I’m doing in Notion for planning to accent my Bullet Journal. Maybe that’s something you could riff off of with OmniFocus.

Here’s a taste:


Please make this video! :smiley:


That’s really great to see the Franklin-Covey system still going on strong. I remembered loving my Franklin-Covey planner back in my old college days. I never went past the daily planning. Goals and projects were way off in the future for me and I didn’t really use it in college. Most of my classwork already had a syllabus with everything spelled out for me. I just had to do the homework and the group projects. But I loved the daily pages for my class workload and balancing my social life.

I remembered that Franklin-Covey branded software package a long time ago. I think it was Windows based and this was way before the days of smartphones and the “cloud” phenomenon.

I’ve been doing a mixture of weekly planning, daily planning, daily task list, and calendar by using a mixture of OmniFocus, Fantastical, and my BuJo.

I’d love to see this productivity approach in software apps.

Personally, I’d like to see a native app for Windows, Mac, and iOS available. There are times when I am offline but would like to work offline. I’m looking forward to its future!

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I have been having problems with planning each task on certain date and that’s why I came across PlanPlus.
Nevertheless, just noticed that with OmniFocus this is partially resolved with AppleScript

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I actually have a Keyboard Maestro macro that arranges my OmniFocus on the left side of my screen and Fantastical on the right side of my screen. I switch to the Day view and go to tomorrow’s date. Then I can drag and drop OmniFocus tasks from the OmniFocus window to a time slot in my Fantastical Day View. Fantastical will set the time block to the Estimated duration from the OmniFocus task.

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That’s a tough problem to solve. You’re basically looking at defer dates + flags, due dates, or some kind of custom thing! Please do let us know what you land on for a solution :smiley:

Let me explain:

I have two Hotlists perspectives i.e. Due Soon, Due and Flagged items, one for Work and one for Personal tasks.

The work is supposed to be like the below every morning:

  1. Make a mindsweep with the Trigger list (I think I snatched this from Wilson

  2. Process the Inbox with Project, Tag and the rest of the data allocation

  3. Review tasks and tag them with the Today tag (5-6 items)
    a) Waiting for perspective for follow up
    b) Projects - quick review for something that needs Flagging (Important to be Done)
    c) Hotlists - one with Work and one for Personal tasks
    d) Tags Perspective
    e) Team tags - so i can be ready for discussion with my Team
    f) Review Outlook Waiting For folder

I have managed to do it for two days this week with the rest of the week getting bogged down after a while with phone calls and Team questions.

I was thinking if there was a system to schedule each task with the date to be done every Sunday and transferring any outstanding to the Today perspective automatically would give me a bit more efficiency; that’s why I was looking into the PlanPlus system.

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Franklin Covey divested itself of its planner division and its software development several years ago to focus on consulting and training for businesses.

The planner division is now known as Franklin Planners is doing well as there has been a resurgence in the use of paper planners the last few years. I, personally, still use a Franklin Planner as part of my hybrid system. I tried a bujo for a while, but found I just really like a Franklin Planner. After 30 years, it is home for me.

I use OmniFocus as the software piece of my hybrid system. I tried PlanPlus a few years ago and here’s my impression:

  • The application is clunky in all ways. It is sluggish and it has a very Windows 95 look and feel to it.

  • The primary app is a web app. To my knowledge, there is no offline version of the app.

  • The workflow is its winning feature. It is built around the Franklin Covey method based on A1, A2, A3 prioritization and ties in really well with the calendar for weekly planning.

  • It is expensive. If I remember correctly, the basic or standard level pricing plan was $15 per month.

  • It is essentially in maintenance mode as far as development. The app is what it is. My impression is it’s a relatively small shop that maintains the application. Moreover, their primary focus appears to be on the CRM aspect of the app, which appears to be targeted towards real estate agents.

  • It’s mobile apps are almost nonexistent. The mobile experience is very limited compare to the web app and the apps themselves have a very iOS 6 or 7 look and feel to them.


@eller thanks for the incredibly thoughtful post and welcome to the community!

Thanks @eller! I did watch a few videos of PlanPlus and was intrigued.

Yes, the hybrid system is also my current workflow. I’ve given up on the Holy Grail of trying to find a single app that does everything. The hard part about any task manager is that the user has to buy into the workflow. PlanPlus looks like it comes very close to what I’ve done with my hybrid setup too.

I’ve also used OmniFocus as my Source of Truth and my BuJo as my daily driver. I loved the Franklin Planner when I was in college. I’ve taken to printing out templates for my BuJo to provide structure. I just can’t do all that artistic BuJo layouts that I see on YouTube videos. I did consider a Franklin Planner once again and I still might get one. But I just recently bought a Discbound Notebook and will use it for now. I might just give it to my daughter when I get another Franklin binder. But I’m still keeping my templates.

Yep. This won’t work for me. I need an offline app and reliable syncing.

I like the weekly planning but I have passed on the A1, A2, A3 prioritization and focused on 3 MITs (Most Important Tasks).

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I’m glad you’re able to use it in whatever app of choice you use. It looks like MindNode based on your mind map!

Review and do the workflow when you need to re-orient yourself. For some people, it’s daily. For others, it’s every 2-3 days. Or it might even be just weekly. I wouldn’t feel too bad about skipping it every now and then.

My work life is too chaotic with walk-in customers coming in. It’s hard for me to think of scheduling. If your schedule is fixed (office hours only during 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm or perhaps a class schedule for university students) then it would be easier to schedule time blocks.

I’m just using the 3 MITs every day to get me through. If I can finish at least 2 out of the 3 MITs and/or one Big Rock project, I’m happy with my efforts. On very busy days (such as the Christmas shopping season), I’ll just be too busy to get to my projects and MITs. On relatively quiet days, I can focus on the tasks in my BuJo.

@zaf: Is your schedule fixed enough that you can schedule time blocks? If yes then time blocking will work. If interruptions are aplenty or the office sends all kinds of “important” work that needs to be done immediately then maybe the 3 MITs approach might work for you?

I do hope to see PlanPlus improve. The last time I looked, the Franklin Planner workflow resembles the GTD workflow. They just don’t have the marketing push that GTD has.

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Yes my times are fixed 09:00-17:30 in theory but mine are 08:30-19:30. I work in the ship management industry and there is a lot of firefighting and often my team walk in to ask questions and directions what to do next. IT is like your walk-in customers I suppose. I am trying to improve things to empower people, to put the right processes in place in order not to firefight that much (Firefighting is inevitable in my work as there are vessels in the middle of the ocean or remote locations that needs things getting done).

Another good candidate could be Informant or Pocket Informant (I used to use them with my first Compaq Pocket PC-if somebody remembers those) and they seem to have a comprehensive calendar and task manager but in order to move everything from Omnifocus to them is hard work as the import function accepts Task ICS only.
I am playing around with CSV export from Omnfocus but still no luck.
i’ll keep Omnifocus for the moment though

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They seem very unorganised and development somehow stalled. I have emailed them and tweeted to them but no response.
You are right there is no offline app but I like the connection between the Big Rocks and the actions below them which in the video seems to flow smoothly.

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[quote=“wilsonng, post:14, topic:5636, full:true”]

I’m glad you’re able to use it in whatever app of choice you use. It looks like MindNode based on your mind map!

@wilsonng You cannot imagine how many things I have taken from you, really inspiring. Especially the on the go perspective and a few KM macros.

I use Mind Map to clear in my head a few concepts and ideas and some times notes from books in order to revise. On another topic I will share my reading and revising notes workflow.


Sounds like you’re a manager, right? I used to be a manager of an IT support team, and it was a lot like this.

One thing I had to learn was how to let go of planning a day and try planning my week with objectives to accomplish just because of that. You never know when a :fire: is going to break out.

It helped most of my managerial duties could be boiled down into a repeatable routine, which was helpful. Then basically all I had to worry about was my daily calendar and selecting an objective to work on for the day. If I didn’t get it done, it would roll to the next day.

Something like this may or may not work for you, but since you need to be flexible to handle firefighting, it’s an approach you can consider!


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