Oxford UK!

Oxford UK!

Hi there - I’m Carl and I live and work in Oxford. I’m head of consultancy for a solutions integrator based in London.

Many years ago, I stumbled across David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. I was hooked from day one and have been seeking more and different ways to remain and be productive.

I came across the Guild via an email from Kourosh Dini - I didn’t even know you guys existed until today!

I think ‘getting everything out of your head’ is the best thing I ever learned!

Looking forward to finding out more and digging into the site further!

See you all soon!


We’re happy that you found the Guild.

There’s so much to accidentally discover and learn from. If you have some favorite articles, please share. You can also post something and share what you’ve learned. We hope to hear more about what you’ve discovered. It’s always great to share something and watch a conversation grow.

I’m always the forgetful father. Thankfully, my kids remind my of my status as “Airhead King”. Yes, getting everything out of your head is a key ingredient.

Looking forward to your thoughts and insights here!

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