Outlining/Mindmap systems to Todo?

Outlining/Mindmap systems to Todo?

I currently use OmniOutliner on my iPad for capturing all my notes, meetings ,tasks & ramblings. I currently use 2 Tags to broadly classify any actionables arising

[Todo] -
[Research] -

Currently I transfer [Todo] & [Research] into OmniFocus and the entire outline (copy pasted) into Devonthink for searching later on.

My notes

  1. Omnioutliner is super fast with keyboard (for me) to capture notes but searching is possible only in each file. I cannot do a global search for a [Todo] which meant I was quickly drowning in 15-20 files without knowing what to do.

  2. My approach implies I destroy any outliner file as quickly as possible after moving actionable outside it.

  3. Copy paste to Devonthink is not perfect , it’s difficult to copy paste back to Omnioutliner later on .

I would love to know how others are using Outliners/ Mindmap

I’m currently using MindNode as my main project planning/outlining tool. I’ve usually stuck with Drafts (or Bear, or Ulysses, or whatever text editor I’m using at the moment) for my outlining in the past, but mindmapping has been a game changer for me.

I’ve really enjoyed the ability to set nodes on the map in MindNode as tasks, then export them directly to OmniFocus.

I haven’t gotten too into OmniOutliner or another outlining app. @pakz, what drew you to use it, and what’s your use case for it?

I use https://dynalist.io/ for all my outlining now. I like that is available on all platforms as a web app and iOS as a real app. You can easily export the list as plain text, HTML, OPML, XML files as well as Print to PDF. I usually print to PDF and save that to DEVONthink, which gives me an archived version. I previously used OmniOutliner, but I’ve begun moving to applications that are cross-platform, or at least somewhat cross-platform and OmniOutliner is not.

I use Outlining for meeting notes, basic daily notes, as well as quick checklists and keeping process checklists. For example, in my day job every few weeks I migrate accounts from a local Exchange server to Office 365, specific steps need to be done first before you can migrate, so I have a checklist of those steps. Dynalist allows you to use Markdown with code boxes so that I can have all the PowerShell commands within the checklist document.

I also keep documentation of attribute propagation in Exchange/AD. Meaning if I change this attribute it will affect these systems or services. Makes it very easy to see the big picture of one small change. I find it easier to do this in an outline versus a mind map because I can quickly grab and export chunks of the outline on any platform with a Cmd or Ctrl-click.

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My use case is primarily to capture all my thoughts and take notes of the meeting I attend
I did demo Mindnode and couldn’t understand the keyboard shortcut. Then my demo expired so I’m stuck
Mind mapping works for rapid brainstorming but I was unable to take notes using it (in the short time frame)

Can we see some examples?
How does attribute propagation work ?
I demoed Dynalist and it misses global search too ? No?

As mentioned before , software is not my reason for post , it’s to understand the methodology used

  • What’s your preferred way of managing your lists later ? Do you keep the lists for later purpose ?
  • How do you transfer your actionable?
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I recorded a video for the Pro side last night covering some of these questions. Should be out in a couple weeks!

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I’ve attached a screenshot of a small section of attribute propagation, but the gist of it is if I change an Active Directory Attribute, what systems will be affected. I am now at 38 attributes listed, with over 300 applications that are affected by attribute changes.

As for searching, it does search in all documents and returns all results quickly.

Another example would be the Office 365 Migration Checklist:

I go through the checklist, once done I uncheck the items and the next time I have to do a manual migration, I have the checklist to make sure I did everything.

In Dynalist you can have folders, so any lists that I don’t actively need that I might want to access later, I have a folder labeled Archived and in that folder is different general topic folders where I put those lists. If it is related to a project that is completed, I print to PDF then Archive in DEVONthink, and delete the outline in Dynalist.

I use Todoist, so any actionable items are added immediately. I have Todoist as the first tab in Chrome, I hit Ctrl+1 or Cmd+1, the Todoist tab opens, type ‘q’ and the quick entry opens, add the task, and away it goes, Ctrl+2 or Cmd+2 and I’m back in Dynalist. If I am in a meeting and typing up notes and don’t want to add it to Todoist (which almost never happens because it is so fast), I will tag it with #todo. At the end of the day, I check the todo tag and move the task to Todoist.

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Status Update :

  • I’ve got now an extension from Team MindNode . It’s so fluid !!
  • I’m shocked by the option to simply send the marked “todo” to Omnifocus with press of a button
  • Josh , thanks for the update , I will check and comment back .

I’ve always been able to create a mind map in iThoughtsX. Then I select all, copy, and paste into OmniFocus easily. Sadly, notes does not copy and paste over.

There is an export from MindNode to Things 3. So it appears that part is working for now.

There’s one to OmniFocus too :slight_smile:

Doh! Never type while sleep deprived! I meant to say that iThoughtsX has export from iThoughtsX to
Things but OmniFocus isn’t available yet,


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