Our new Official Coach for the Guild! 📋

If you’ve had a chance to listen to the latest Theoretical episode you’re already aware of this. But I’ve realized that @shouit has been effectively coaching me publicly on the podcast since its inception. And he’s really good at it. :wink:

But on top of that, he’s also been highly interested in having a more permanent role here on the Guild. We’ve talked about a number of roles he’s planning to fill but the most important to the community is the option to book Josh as your own coach.

I’ve played around with the idea for a life coach network on the Guild but I realized that’s not really helpful. But having a single person who knows what they’re doing and who is an active member here on the site means you immediately have something to talk about and conversational reference points to pull from. In short, he knows where you’re coming from.

So if you’re stuck making a difficult decision, need help working through your own systems, or just need a smart dude to bounce ideas off of, Josh is your guy. I highly recommend him. :hugs:

And to make it easy to book him, I set up a link here on the Guild to get you to his booking page:


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I’m excited about this opportunity and all the praise.

I am looking forward to helping people in the guild.