OmniFocus user

OmniFocus user

I came across the Getting Things Done book not long after it was first published, and found it full of information and technique the that I continue to unpeel.

I found the Guild via Creating Focus with OmniFocus (an email).

I don’t understand the scope of the Guild. Obviously productivity-based, but before I logged in, I thought it was centered on GTD and OmniFocus, but it seems wider.

I don’t have v. 3 of the Focus book, but with OF3, I thinking of using “pomodoro” as a tag for pomodoros.

Saiyng Hello from Brazil!! :slight_smile:

Hello @Bob! The Guild is a macOS and iOS centered productivity community. We have a lot of OmniFocus users around here, so some of the discussion gets weighted around that right now, but if you’re on Apple products and into productivity, this is the place to be.

This would be a neat implementation. When you set that up, mind sharing what you find out?

I’d love to see other users chime in with their own workflow. I’ve found that I can watch others use their favored app and take concepts and ideas into my own favored app.

Create your own workflow. Use the Guild to explore or ask questions on concepts like kanban, pomodoros, hyper scheduling, or other ideas. We don’t know everything but we’d like to explore and experiment with these ideas.

Welcome to the Guild!