OmniFocus subscription starting up

Omnigroup has found another way to offer OmniFocus for Mac, iOS, and Web via subscription.

You can buy OmniFocus for Mac or OmniFocus for iOS (universal edition for use on both iPad and iPhone). Or you can subscribe.

There is a 14-day trial for the Mac and iOS version to see if you like to use it.

OmniFocus for Web is $4.99 per month if you already have OmniFocus for Mac or OmniFocus of iOS. If you don’t have OmniFocus but want to subscribe, it’ll be $9.99 per month. Like other subscription services, you’ll get to use OmniFocus for as long as your subscription lasts. There is a discounted annual fee. OmniFocus for web only is $49.99 and the suite (Mac, iOS, Web) for $99.99.

Yes, subscription is controversial. A recent discussion was sparked by a recent MacPower Users podcast.

Omni Group is working hard to try to satisfy customers who fear the one-time purchase price and would rather subscribe. Both one-time purchase and subscription services have their merits.

It’s nice to see OmniFocus for the Web finally available for users who can’t bring an iOS device or a Mac to work.

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I used to be a die hard OF fan, but then started working at a company that only uses windows. Not sure I’ll jump back on the train just yet.

I have a hard time justifying $100 per year on a todo app.

At the bottom of the Omni post, they honestly said that the upfront costs were lower but the long term costs were greater but left the choice up to the user.

For some users, they could just do the $50.00 annual plan for OFW only. But to each their own.