Omnifocus Automation for Tags

Hello guys
Is there a way to automate the below in Omnifocus:
For any task in all Projects that has a due date today to be tagged with Today? Or at least in the due perspective which includes or due tasks to tag them with Today

I’m betting it’s possible using JavaScript or AppleScript automation. I’m not the most fluent in that, however. I’m guessing you’re probably already selecting all then adding the Today tag in bulk though?

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I can imagine having Keyboard Maestro doing this for me. Perhaps a keyboard keystroke will switch to the Due perspective, go to “View” menu and choose “Go to Outline”. Then go to “Edit” > “Select All”. Then perhaps somehow adding the “Today” tag? I’m out of the office right now and only have my iPhone. This would mimic what Justin is suggesting.

The Automators forum would probably be a good forum to visit for automation questions.

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I’m curious: does the Today perspective not meet your needs? This would show current, uncompleted actions that have a due date of Today, and any that have not been completed in the past. Would be interesting to understand your use case more - out of pure interest: what would you use a Today tag for that you can’t get from the Today perspective?


Dear @Carl_Robinson

Please see here

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Have to go through one by one my flagged and due items from the respective perspectives.
I think I better go through my due and flagged tasks and modify the Today perspective with tagged:Today and Due

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It might be worth a shot to try that — if you’re managing a Today tag it might be worth reviewing it each day for accuracy. And then it also surfaces items deferred to that date with the tag too!

I wonder if OmniJS would help us with this? I’m not familiar enough but I can imagine that an event could trigger a script that will do what you want.

This is hypothetical because OmniJS scripting for OmniFocus hasn’t been released yet. An event could be the time of day, assigning a tag to a task, or completing a task would trigger a particular script. In this case, the script will be triggered when the task’s due date is today. The script will assign the “Today” tag to that task.

I think Keyboard Maestro could be set to run first thing in the morning to go to a Due perspective. Select all tasks. Then assign the Today tag.

It sounds possible that the same thing could be done in Siri Shortcuts.

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I think both OJS and Keyboard MAestro can make this possible. I am trying a simpler way i.e. with a perspective
A bit boring but seems to be working

Good choice! Simpler is usually better anyway for long term usability. Automations can break so if you can do it with the existing tools, it’s probably better.