OmniFocus and Keyboard Maestro

OmniFocus and Keyboard Maestro

Hello everyone. I’m a long time Omnifocus user but have no experience with Keyboard Maestro. I’m looking for a forum where I can research solutions and pose questions re: the incorporation of these two awesome apps. Appropriate for The Guild? Other recommendations?


Totally ask away! Both @wilsonng and @rosemary use KM with OF pretty extensively.

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There are two great forums to also visit:

Was there anything you were interested in doing with KM and OF?


Thanks @wilsonng. I’ve been a heavy OmniFocus user for years but want to use Keyboard Maestro to automate my workflows. I’m not a programmer but very motivated to learn. I’ll check out Automator Talk…and we’ve already connect on KM Discourse :slight_smile:

My favorite KM/OF combo is to use the floating palettes

I have a lot of custom perspectives and it overwhelms my Perspectives menu in the toolbar.

I grouped a bunch of perspectives into different floating palettes. This is similar to a graphics app. There is one floating palette for colors. Another palette for text settings. Another palette for shapes. And so forth.

I have one palette called planning for all of my “planning perspectives”.


I have a another palette for checklists


And another palette for my end-of-day review (the shutdown routine).

In the daily review palette, my favorite is “Plan Tomorrow”. It resizes the OmniFocus window to the left 66% of the screen, goes to my Today Dashboard (due and flagged) perspective. Then it opens Fantastical, resizes it to the right of OmniFocus window, switch to day view, and then go to tomorrow’s date. This sets me up for my scheduling workflow. I drag and drop OF tasks to Fantastical.

In the daily review palette, I go through my daily review.

  1. Remind me to check physical inbox
  2. Open my Dropbox, Desktop, and Download folders into one window with three tabs. I see if there are any remaining files that needs to be inboxed.
  3. Open my email app and send a notification to check any end-of-day emails.
  4. Process any web pages inside my Safari Reading List. Works well with Instapaper ass well. I just spend ten minutes just making progress in my reading backlog.
  5. Process DevonThink inbox items.
  6. Check my Ulysses inbox and move any inbox items to a folder.
  7. Clear OmniFocus inbox - this just goes to OmniFocus inbox perspective. I start clearing stuff out here.
  8. Review OmniFocus projects - I go to the OmniFocus review perspective and check all projects that needs to be reviewed.
  9. Review Forecast - the OmniFocus Forecast perspective
  10. Agenda - go to a custom perspective that shows agenda items, people, waiting for items.
  11. Go to the Completed perspective and send a notification message. It asks me “Are there any completed tasks that needs a follow up task?”
  12. Review Big Rocks - Go to my Big Rock (all active projects that are not checklists or single action lists). Notify me to “review all my currently active projects and see if there is anything I can do to push the big rock project forward.”
  13. Go to my custom perspective that shows all available tasks. This gives me a chance to flag/unflag tasks to my Dashboard.
  14. Plan tomorrow - I explained this macro earlier in this post.
  15. Journaling - Opens up my Day One app, creates a new journal entry, tag it with “daily review” and then creates a text template for my daily review. Questions such as “what 3 things do I want to work on tomorrow?” or “What did I learn today?” This macro sets up the journal entry and makes it easier for me to practicing a journaling habit.
  16. Pop up a message that reminds me to clear up my desk, set up my Mac for tomorrow’s work by already opening up the documents and apps for the first thing tomorrow.

I would take KM slowly. When you think of something you’re doing often, go the KM web site and visit the documentation. Find the macros that will get you what you want. You’ll slowly discover new macro steps over time. I started off with one macro. I added another one the next time I needed something done. As of today, I have about 20 macros. It grows over time. But I also delete or archive some macros that I don’t use anymore. If I think I might use it in the future, I’ll archive it.


This conversation was crossed over at the Keyboard Maestro Discourse if anyone wants to follow…

Kevin had a few more questions that I attempted to solve. Y’all might find it interesting.