OmniFocus 3 Tags are Lists

There are some users who haven’t gotten their hand wrapped around the idea of tags in OmniFocus.

Scotty Jackson introduces the idea of using tags as a way to create lists for yourself.

If you can’t create a list from a tag that you created, maybe you don’t really need that tag.

Tags in a task manager becomes powerful when you’re able to create smart lists that you will be frequently using. A smart list could be called a saved search or custom perspective. Look for a task manager that has the ability to create a saved view that you can access easily.

What are your favorite tags and saved searches in your task manager?

I quite like my “:satellite: Radar” tag, which is the one I display in Forecast after much deliberation.

The other nice experiment I’m running with tags is “:stop_sign: Waiting” versus “:pause_button: Paused”. I only had one tag for this at first, but I realized I wanted different lists (and different behaviors in various perspectives). For tasks that need to happen soon but are blocked by some factor outside my control, I use “:stop_sign: Waiting”, which I’ve set to Active. For tasks that don’t have to happen until some other condition is met, I use “:pause_button: Paused”, which is set to On Hold.

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I came to the same conclusion. I have a radar tag that does just that — keeps things on my radar.

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