Official GTD guides

Hello all,

Has anybody got the GTD guides (, and can let me know if they’re worth it? FEel like im overcomplicating my system, and would like to tone it done. Maybe it’s just escapism from Uni work.

Any help appreciated!


Sometimes modifying your system is just escape work (says the person who added a series of projects to her OmniFocus yesterday whilst “working on an essay”), sometimes it’s a signifier of an underlying problem. What I have found (which I try to stick to) is that it’s a good idea to limit fiddling with the system to a few hours a week after the weekly review. This allows me to get through the week and see what’s on my plate, and find any problems and usually let them sit for a while. I do note tweaks to the system in my system though!

As to the guides… They’re great if you only use the desktop and if you don’t mind an approach which is not necessarily what the software developers had intended. I have frequently heard that the Things guide is backward (for example) and I know the OmniFocus guide barely acknowledges the existence of the iPhone or iPad apps despite them being the most popular version of the app sold by OmniGroup.

There are usually plenty of free guides online for setting up whichever system to follow GTD, if you let us know which system you’re using (or thinking of using) I’m sure myself and others will try to offer advice!


Hi flobach!

I have several of the setup guides (e.g iPad, iPhone, Omnifocus, Things). I find them useful and a good way to get me focussed again on the essentials. - I tend to overcomplicate my systems! I tend to deviate from the very purist approach they sometimes take, as this can mean disabling some rather cool features of the apps. Perhaps that’s just me overcomplicating again :slightly_smiling_face:


„I do note tweaks to the system in my system though!“

Have you got some kind of comment function in OF/your system, or have you got your system written up elsewhere?

Thanks for the feedback. I have been using OmniFocus for a while, with someday/maybe lists in Apple Notes.

Currently reading the 12 week year, which has brought on inspiration to add a few things. And I can absolutely relate to fiddling „whilst writing an essay“ :wink:

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I have a project (Single Action List) in OmniFocus called “Changes to the system”. It’s not fancy but it works!