October 2019 Chat Highlights

Our Discord water cooler chat for supporters is an active place to have great conversations about remote work and productivity. Here are some highlights from the last month:

@wilsonng on the GTD Workbook:

If you want the theories behind GTD, get the original book. But if you wanted a walkthrough, get the workbook. I’m looking at this as a foundation checklist. Over time, I’ll spin off my own checklists by customizing it for myself.

@rosemary on iPadOS:

I love mouse support. Trackpad support sucks, but the mouse is great. I can click the same button on the screen 1000 times much more easily (I have a complex shortcut which unfortunately can’t be simplified), right click gives me my customised assistive touch menu - including Shortcuts, and the cursor hides if you stop moving the mouse.

@joshsullivan, @rosemary, and @wilsonng having a short conversation on single actions:

@joshsullivan: I often have these single actions that aren’t related to any project, and I don’t like keeping them in the Inbox, so I end up assigning them to a broad project in Todoist, like Personal or Research. For example, an app is promising a new Safari extension to be released next week to be compatible with v13, so I would create a task titled Check App Website for New Extension News, clearly this isn’t a project and it isn’t tied to a project. For people who have single action lists that aren’t tied to a project, what do you call that list/project? Thanks!

@rosemary: I have a variety of single action lists called whatever the area of focus is plus “General”, so I have “Professional Nerd: General” (because one of my focus areas is being a professional nerd!)

@wilsonng: I have a Personal SAL, Office SAL, House SAL that holds single actions for my different areas of responsibilities. These SALs hold all those one off tasks that don’t belong in my other projects.

I have folders holding projects. I have folders for House projects, Office Projects, Personal projects, etc. These are my big rock projects. Most of them are set to on hold status. I activate 1 to 2 projects in each folder.

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It’s a nice little safe place that’s not the bat-crazy storm of Twitter where we can have great conversations! Hope to see you all there!