Obsidian Resources to Expand Your Workflow

As announced earlier this week, we launched our course Obsidian Made Simple.

Thanks so much if you purchased it, and if you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend doing so!

In commemoration of the launch, I wanted to share a list of other resources you can use to go even deeper with Obsidian and personal knowledge management. I’ve been doing plenty of self-promotion this week, so I figured sharing some other people’s resources would be a nice change of pace!


  • Obsidian Discord - the official Obsidian chat room. Join up for fast paced conversations about the app and workflows.
  • Obsidian Forum - Obsidian’s official Discourse :heart_eyes_cat:. Here’s where longer form conversations and bug reports happen.
  • Obsidian Reddit — Yet another channel to have conversations about Obsidian.

YouTube Channels

  • Dalton Mabery - Dalton’s been putting out some good videos on Roam and Obsidian lately.
  • Nick Milo (Linking Your Thinking) - Nick’s Obsidian content is great. He’s just getting started but he’s a wise thinker in the personal knowledge management space.


[YouTube] Note-Taking: The Best Way to Learn — Taking notes on your own thoughts is in my opinion the best way to learn. In this video we discuss why this is and some simple mindsets to apply to your note-taking workflows.

[Process] What’s Your Motivation? — Do you need to apologize for not getting to a non-urgent task? Also, we discuss what might be motivating your pursuit of goals and if there’s a better way.

That’s all for this week!

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