Obsidian question about share sheets

For the past x months, I’ve bounced between Craft and Obsidian but have not picked a definitive path. For notes I’m old school in that I always used Orgmode within Emacs. I left that last year after a decade or so of use because I got the 11" iPad Pro and love being able to work on notes anywhere - not possible with Emacs. When I first made the move, I used iA Writer, then found Craft and Obsidian.

I like Craft because it’s “Purdy” and it’s a native app. Other than that, it’s getting more and more complicated, it’s incomplete and it stores in json files. Also, the strange wording around encryption turns me off.

I really like Obsidian - so much I paid early on to support them so I could get access to mobile beta. It checks off most of my boxes. What has me hesitating to adopt it fully is the fact it’s not a native app so things like sharing to/from obsidian is a little more work.

I’m curious how some of you Obsidian adopters work around the limitations of the electron app? For example, I can easily share to Things3 from Craft, or dump articles into Craft notes from the share sheet. I have tried a Drafts path to obsidian but that’s just more work.

My honest answer: I don’t.

I don’t do much bouncing around of information anymore, or linking things together. It’s largely how I’ve approached productivity systems in general as I find sharing info around to often be tedious. I’m very much in the “automation makes my life harder, not easier” camp in 80% of instances because stuff breaks or becomes fiddly to work with.

Instead, if I’m in Obsidian, I’m usually writing in my daily notes or browsing through stuff I’ve highlighted from Readwise, consolidating thoughts, and more work like that.

What specific use cases would you find a share sheet option helpful? That might help me brainstorm a bit more helpful solutions anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I can definitely appreciate that argument. In most cases, I’m the same. I own keyboard maestro but have never bothered to do much with it. Same with TextExpander. I never did see the point in getting myself into OmniAutomation either.

One thing I found handy in my early days of using Craft was that I could brainstorm in a note and send a bullet list over to OmniFocus (now Things3). Or send a list from Things3 over to Craft.

Also, a typical use case, I am tasked with building a particular feature for a client and researching Python libraries. It’s often handy for me to keep a list of documentation links for the feature (or project). How I handle that in Craft is I can a) highlight some text and share it to a document of my choosing, or b) share the page to a document of my choosing.

Oh sure that’s handy, then! I wonder – could you just copy the list and flick over to the app?

Ah yeah that’s a bit more challenging. You could probably work with the URL scheme in Obsidian but that’s getting a bit more finicky.

I absolutely can and that’s what I’ve been doing. I guess I’m just trying to determine which app is going to stick for me. I don’t need the graphing and all the typical PKM stuff but something just doesn’t feel right with Craft.

I can say the same about Craft. It’s a great app, but something really didn’t jive with me as much as I was interested in trying it out. It’s like half of Notion in an Apple-ified wrapper.

I don’t use keyboard maestro often but when it comes to some ad hoc work that appears out of nowhere, it was a powerful tool to save time on repetitious tasks. I’ve also used the KM floating palettes as a checklist for specific apps.

I don’t use OmniAutomation but I have checked out the plug-ins collection and installed a few that I do like to use.

It’s a simple matter of just downloading the plugin and copying to my OmniFocus iClouds plugin folder.

I don’t imagine myself learning OmniAutomation yet. Most of my unique needs have been fulfilled by a plugin that someone else made. I do see one person on the OmniFocus Slack channel that will develop a plug-in for you starting at AU$5 if you wanted something to be made. I’ll have to dig out the lady’s name. It’s escaping me at the moment.

In the same way, I’m not AppleScript savvy but I have found some Applescripts online to help me when I need it.

For a non-programmer like me, I’ve used Keyboard Maestro to get around some of the limitations of Electron apps. The scripting language is fairly straightforward and easy to read. So it’s a possibly that you can rig something up to help automate sharing information between different apps.

Edit: A-ha! I found the lady in question

And she’ll be appearing as a guest in a future Omni Show podcast episode.

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