Obsidian - Complete Novice Beginner Course?

Can you recommend a beginner course for a complete novice, for Obsidian? thank you

I’m guessing The Sweet Setup has something that might work for beginners and power users. I have a couple of their other video courses and it was a great way to get me up to speed quickly.

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I have a course :slight_smile:


Since I have been following you for a few years. I will enroll in your course. Thank you!

Thank you for the link

It will not allow me to order. Ask for VAT# & says my browser is in in Romania. I live in the United States. THOUGHTS???

Are you using a VPN?

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I am using my ProtonVPN

There’s the answer! Temporarily switch your VPN location to the US or turn off VPN before purchasing.


Thank you very much for all your help! :blush:


Just purchased Obsidian Made Simple Course, thanks again for all your help & hope you have a successful week.