Obsidian - A First Look

Originally published at: https://effectiveremotework.com/2020/05/obsidian-a-first-look/

https://youtu.be/cFYaWC_86W0 Obsidian is a next-generation note-taking tool aiming to compete with the likes of Roam Research. If you’re building a connected personal knowledge management system, is Obsidian an good option? Let’s find out. Sign up for the Obsidian beta

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Hi, Justin,
I watched with great interest your youtube video: # Obsidian-Based Note-Taking Workflow - Raindrop, Drafts, Kindle.
I found it very interesting so much so that I’m starting to using it following your tutorial.
Thank you for all your videos on productivity & more specifically on Obsidian. Cheers Giacinto

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Awesome! So glad you found it helpful and thanks for joining the community, too!