Nuance Drops Dragon for Mac

Nuance Drops Dragon for Mac

Nuance this week announced that it is discontinuing Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, effective two days ago on Monday, October 22, 2018. The software is no longer available for purchase, but customers who purchased version 6 of the software and have a perpetual license will be able to keep using Dragon Professional Individual.

What a bummer. The hardest community hit by this will likely be those in need of accessibility tools, however, there are a large number of folks in the macOS productivity community who use Dragon’s software.

The next best alternative on macOS is Siri Dictation. If you’re an iOS user and don’t mind using your iPhone or iPad to dictate, Dragon still offers its Dragon Anywhere subscription.

Via MacRumors.

As you say, what a bummer. (Undoubtedly, the version of Dragon for Windows has always been better in just about every way - to the extent that a few years ago I invested in it, plus a copy of Parallels. But the demands on the resources of my Mac desktop also required increasing its RAM to 16Gb. Still, it was a cumbersome and awkward set-up, and I returned to DPI for Mac.)

For all its many flaws, I regret its going.

Apple did poach a bunch of Nuance employees in the past.

I kind of wonder if Nuance stopped caring about the software, and with the security changes in Mojave, just said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I’m glad there’s still the possibility to run it on Parallels, but as you mentioned @Hugh1 that’s a pretty heavy cost to pay when considering the increasing price of hardware these days.

“I kind of wonder if Nuance stopped caring about the software…” Me too. The Dragon for Mac user forum when it existed about a year or 18 months ago - I’ve a feeling although I’m not sure that it’s been closed for a while - was a litany of bitter complaints of an intensity that personally I’ve never seen on the website of another developer. I don’t know whether the complaints were justified, but they were enough to make any developer question whether the game was worth it.

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