Nozbe -tasks & projects

Nozbe -tasks & projects

I know most of you are proficient Omnifocus people, but any thoughts on Nozbe???


Nozbe seems to be a fantastic project management tool if you need to work collaboratively. It has all the GTD features you need, and it’s a web app.

I’m personally not a big fan of task collaboration. I take @joebuhlig’s approach and I think it works well — collaborate on projects, not tasks, and let everyone manage their tasks in their own system. Keeps the big picture in focus easier I think, and the focus then becomes communication instead of solely delegation.


I have used it and is a very stable platform with lots of features. Loved the deep Evernote integration.

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Does it work with DEVONthink?

It doesn’t look like it offers Devonthink. Maybe there is a workaround?

Yeah, everyone has their own preference for task management. As much as I like the idea of collaboration, getting my wife or kids to use OmniFocus or Nozbe or anything beyond Apple Reminders will be a monumental task. It’s not gonna happen.

The best I can do is send an e-mail with instructions of what I hopefully want the end goal to look like, offer some kind of outline about the various steps and let them morph it into their own project.

I do like Nozbe and I have used Asana in a previous workplace to get things done with others. I am curious in seeing task collaboration evolving. The Spark Mail app seems to have a nice way of being able to share an email with colleagues and have some behind-the-scenes dialog before replying back to the original email sender/client.

It will be interesting to see how OmniFocus for the Web will shape up to be. It’s still in the early stages with basic functionality set in. Collaboration looks like it will be a little ways off.