Notion: What's Your Current Situation?

Hey everyone!

Cannot believe I hadn’t found this group. Wow! What a community!
I wanted to ask my first question. What is everyone’s take on Notion and if so, how are they currently using it in their daily routine, it’d be great to hear!


Thanks for joining @francesco! Love your videos.

Honestly I haven’t checked it out too much aside from your videos. However, it does look like it has some promise, though what makes me personally hesitant is its focus on being an “everything” app.

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We use Notion internally as a replacement for Confluence, and it’s been great. Much more accessible than a standard wiki, and “non technical” colleagues really rate it. So, big thumbs up over here as a team tool.

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I think I’m going to dive in and try it out as a sort of personal editorial calendar. This could be fun!

UPDATE: I’ve just spent 20 minutes in Notion’s editorial calendar. I’m sold! I used to use Trello for this, but Notion seems much easier.


I am the sole pastor of a small church in the SF Bay Area. I get tasked by people and I have my standard tasks. I use Omnifocus and am blown away by the new tags

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I haven’t dived deeply yet into Notion but it certainly looks like a great app. I’ve been trying to use Agenda but it’s still relatively young and full of promise but not yet quite there.

I’m hoping that Notion will find a place for me. I’m still heavily invested in DevonThink but I’m always open to new ideas.

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Agree, it isn’t a 100% app, but it’s close. Tiago Forte discussed this in our latest call - he mentioned that Notion is more like a Google Doc competitor than Evernote competitor. But it can be used for both… Tough one right now!

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Interesting, I’m yet to review DevonThink - but it’s on the list for November.
What did you think of Agenda use Wilson?

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I’ve tried Agenda but it’s still in the birthing process. It has potential but I’ll have to patiently wait for it to mature a little more.

I thought I could use it as a DevonThink type database. But then I realized that might not be a good idea. I’m worried about overloading the database engine that runs it.

I’m thinking of using it as a notebook for in-progress work that I am focused on right now - my current Big Rock projects. I won’t be using it as much for tasks. It’s more about recording progress, current obstacles, and hopeful future milestones that have yet to be achieved.

Watching some of the Notion tutorials, I think I like the idea of it. It feels like the Bullet Journal. I can customize it by adding blocks to fit my current need.

I have Notion in my upcoming queue of experiments. Good griefs there’s so many interesting projects to participate in!

Notion might just take the place of Agenda! If you or anyone have any observations, please post it! I’d love to hear the feedback.

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Agenda seems to be meant to track meeting notes. I am doing much fewer meetings these days so I am not sure how useful Agenda is as a general note management system. It needs better photo and link management.