Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases

Hi everyone, just curios if anyone has had a chance to look at Notion yet?

I’m not affiliated, I just thought it was an interesting all in one app that could take the place of; Trello, Ulysses, Bear, Evernote etc. Some people are saying it can replace a task manager but I’m yet to see a compelling setup.

I’ve had a play with it but fear i’d spend more time customising it than actually working on it. The customisation options are endless it appears.

On a different note, Sorted 3 just came out and is amazing for scheduling and time blocking. I’ve been using it alongside Things with a great degree of success.

I am wary of any app promising to be everything. With notion, I also experienced a desire to fiddle and over-document instead of work.

Francesco d’Alessio of Keep Productive has several YouTube videos on Notion. He seems to be a pretty big fan of it, so you may want to check his stuff out if you haven’t already. I set up an account, looked at, created a few blocks, and then ran. To me, there are notes, tasks, and appointments. I’m all for tighter integration among those (I’m still searching for the right mix), but I also don’t know about a one-app solution.