Notion Operating system

I noticed this series the last few days and this man is using the system quite efficiently and seems easy.
Does anybody have experience with Notion as a task Manager?
I currently use Omnifocus and Evernote but his system looks powerful


I’ve been developing this out for the last month or so. It works, but it requires more effort in some regards. However, you can build what you want.

I’m looking at doing a video soon on it.

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Actually I put together the knowledge vault which is a fantastic way to learn deliberately.

After a while I realised:
a/ there is no offline mode in Notion which is a bit of a disadvantage.

b/ the Evernote import tool is problematic because when it senses tables in the Evernote note it hangs and it wont tell you what is the “problematic” note

c/ I have 15,000 notes that will need transfer over

d/ Notion doesn’t have URL linking capability (neither Hook will work with it). so I cannot link Omnifocus or Google Calendar. Their API is not available yet

d/ It goes as deep as one likes on the path and not like Evernote only two levels deep

e/ Aesthetically is much more pleasing than Evernote

f/Notion as a company seems to be very dynamic

g) The Notion clipper is not a good as Evernote (chops off a few pages)

h) Moving out of Notion if required would be a nightmare

i) Evernote new Beta I find is boooooring once again - this is irrelevant with Notion but it seems Evernote as a company has been stagnating for a while