Notion: New Workflow/workspace that may be of interest

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to show a workspace I have been using recently that may be of interest to some of you.

I recently made the switch to Notion for all of my big picture planning, which has been great.

I did try and make it a task manager but it was unreliable and the system took far too much effort to maintain. Which meant I ended up spending more time looking at my tasks and system than actually executing on things.

I’ve tried all task managers I think, Things, Todoist, Omnifocus. I used Omnifocus for a long time, having done Tim Stringers course as well as Joe’s. I thought about using one of these again but Things rubbed me the wrong way with repeating tasks, Todoist just wasn’t a nice user experience and Omnifocus wasn’t clicking for me like before. My setup had become bloated and wasn’t fun to use.

So I decided to give TickTick a try which has had it’s teething issues but for the most part it’s good (apart from the ability to defer tasks that is.) What I discovered though is that you can embed TickTick in Notion itself.

Which you can see here:

This has been a game changer for me as it has allowed me to stay within Notion all day using it almost as a workspace itself.

I did have one more issue though, Notion for notes…well it’s awful. It’s just not an enjoyable experience. So the quest for a new notes application began. This is when I stumbled accross RoamResearch. As far as I know it’s a new app but it’s web based and I can embed it in Notion, just like Tick Tick. Which has meant that although Notion as an app is lacking in some departments it has been able to host other applications.

Has anyone else created a Frankenstein App from other apps like this?



That’s ingenious! I had no idea you could embed the likes of Todoist/TickTick/Roam into Notion. What a great way to keep things in context of the same app, but use a service that makes more sense to handle the task you want it to.

@MartindBarker have you run into any issues with this, such as glitches in the webview? I’m really interested to hear!

Also please do keep us updated here if this works out for you over time.

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Hi Justin,

No issues as of yet on desktop.

Mobile can be problematic as it doesn’t scale, visually, as well. However when I am mobile I am rarely using Notion the way I use it on desktop. So I just use the standalone Tick Tick app. Also with mobile you cant use the google login if you have 2 factor authentication as the popup wont load right, but the work around is just to use a standard email address and password setup.

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That makes sense. The mobile experience on Notion isn’t the best anyway. I much prefer it as a web app.

I’m not currently using any online services like this so I don’t particularly have a use case yet; however, it’s a super neat idea!

@MartindBarker, that is plain awesome! In this way I have now embedded Dynalist into Notion, thereby solving aforementioned Notes issue. It never occurred to me that instead of making Dynalist- like threads in Notion I could simply use the real deal. :exploding_head: :heart_eyes: