Notes App for parents

I’ll try to explain it in a short way

my little son is in kindergarden and i’m the daddy with the worse job - to bring him. ok now it’s fine but after a long weekend he don’t wants to stay for the first minutes. But that is not the problem. so i have some informations the employees giving to me or there was a special moment. my wife is picking him up in the afternoon and has also some informations she is getting. i want to combine the informations smart. also i’m the one who is traveling for some days and sometimes i’m getting important informations on sunday then she’s remembering "oh there was something … "

i’d like to have an app or solution there we can put our informations into so, that we are “synced” and don’t need to talk to each other to avoid losing informations. yeah there are some interesting ideas but i also want to use the “platform” for doctor things and so on (additional info: my personal notes are placed on my own server with notebooksapp and webdav) - for my son i also want to have a solution in which i can decide there the informations are placed and also with good structure and mobile availability.

a notes platform for my personal (webdav) hosting in sync with two different persons that is searchable, secure and not like a chat.

possible that it seems easy or the other way to complicate. possible that i don’t know how to describe it in a better way (not a native english speaker) but i like to have feedback from you guys how your are solving this “problem”

thanks in advance
cheers martin

I guess you might be able to use Apple’s Notes app for sharing if you have the same iCloud account.

I’m not a very big Evernote user but I have been able to put Evernote on my wife’s iPhone and Evernote on my phone. Then we share the same user account on Evernote. We’ll put notes in there whenever we need something. Perhaps it’s medical information. We have a copy of our kids’ birth certificates (ya never know when you need it).

Then we have an iCloud calendar with our kids’ schedules and appointments.

At night, we’ll check over the calendar to see who gets to take the kids to their various after school activities and discuss other things as needed.

Then we have a photo album that is shared on iCloud. Whenever we shoot pictures, we’ll send our kids’ photos to that photo album so that we can see the new updates and activities.

I guess my family uses those three apps to handle different parts - Evernote (for notes), iCloud calendar (for appointments), and iCloud photo stream (for memories).

You might be able to use Evernote for everything but I’m not that big of an Evernote user.


thanks for your ideas. i also thought about this approach. Two things are absolutely required:

  • secure (no cloud from other services)
  • sync

I’d like to put informations about my family on secure host.Don’t like Evernote and we don’t share one iCloud account. That’s the reason why i’m searching for webdav solution for example.

It’s not easy to find this if you don’t want to use common things like dropbox, evernote, isn’t it?


For sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit cards, ec., I tend to use 1password. The sync sometimes gets wonky but the data is encrypted. So even if I put it in Dropbox, it is safe from prying eyes.

My wife and I do something similar, but it’s a simple DropBox folder that’s shared between us. We both use Editorial on mobile so it’s easy to create new text files and share information that way.

But if it’s sensitive info, we do this exactly:

thanks for your input

are you sharing documents in 1password? How do you manage that?

Editorial is great. i need this with webdav support, than i’m happy :slight_smile:

When you are in edit mode, you can drag and drop file attachments to a section of the entry window. It looks like this:

I usually scan the front and backside of my credit cards, my passports, the SSN cards, marriage certificate, updated shot records for the kids, etc.

If I’m travelling, it’s nice to have a copy of the credit cards, entry visas, marriage certificates, etc. You never know what happens when you’ve forgotten your personal bag at a hotel or have it stolen.

I think there is a limit to the file size of each scan.