Norton VPN

Norton VPN

Any using this & thoughts? Thank you

I’ve been using ExpressVPN. It’s a bit more expensive than others but it seems to be highly rated.

Another place I look at is:

I do see a review of Norton.

Unfortunately, this page shows tech support is not that great. I’d stay away.

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One thing you’ll expressly want to be aware of is the privacy policy of the VPN provider. There’s a number out there that can and will sniff your traffic. The #1 privacy-focused VPN service is If you need something, I’d start here.

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Why ExpressVPN vs ProtonVPN? thank you for sharing your expertise :slight_smile:

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For my use in Asia, ExpressVPN has been very responsive in quickly updating their VPN services when certain governments try to thwart VPN services and I can’t access certain web sites and services while in the country.

I have not had the chance to try ProtonVPN but they do appear to be at the forefront of privacy and security.

It wouldn’t hurt to try proton for a month or so. That should give you a better chance of determining whether the service isn’t for you.

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If I plan not to travel and work most of the time from my home. Would it still be important to have ProtonVPN?

If you trust that nobody is going to hitchhike on to your network and you have hopefully taken the necessary steps to secure your network, you may not need a VPN at home.

You can always subscribe for one month when you’re traveling about.

I subscribe to ProtonVPN, previously subscribed to, ProtonVPN is much better, IMO. I only use it when I am out on untrusted networks and when I am on a trusted network but want to keep my location private, usually when I am visiting sketchy sites for research.


I have been using TorGuard ( I like the ability to have multiple countries to come from, that way you can see what is being served up on pages or so on from various locations. Multiple locations around the world and in US. Also available of using Wireguard (Newer VPN Technology)which works faster an cleaner then regular VPN.

As part of the deal that I got was also a small wireless VPN router that I can use and was included in the 2 years of service that I bought.

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Please let me know which email app you use? I am looking for greater security, ads, 3rd party, etc. Also, thoughts on Tutanota? thank you & hope you have a successful week.