New GTD Workbook coming in September!

New GTD Workbook coming in September!

It looks like there’s a new GTD “workbook” coming in September.

The workbook divides the process into small, manageable segments to allow for easier learning and doing. Each chapter identifies a challenge the reader may be facing–such as being overwhelmed by too many to-do lists, a messy desk, or email overload–and explains the GTD concept to address. The lessons can be learned and implemented in almost any order, and whichever is adopted will provide immediate benefits. This handy instructional manual will give both seasoned GTD users and newcomers alike clear action steps to take to reach a place of sustained efficiency.

According to the co-author, Brandon Hall, they are approaching GTD in a different manner.

This sounds similar to Leo Babauta’s Zen-To-Done approach of trying to adopt one habit at a time. David Allen has been quoted as saying that it looks about two years to achieve mastery in GTD. I know I’e fallen off the bandwagon many times until I got the hang of it after two years.

In the GTD forum past, Hall sent a request for comments and also provided a list of what would be in the book. It’s worth a look! :eyes:

ON the second page of the post, there is a tentative table of contents:

·Perspective and Control
·Horizons of Focus
·Mind Like Water
·Your Productive Experience
·Self-Assessment: You at Work
·Introduction to The Five Steps of Getting Things Done
·Introduction to Your Workbook
·Your Progress Tracking Chart

Step 1: Capturing—Corral Your “Stuff”
Chapter 1 – How to Capture
Step 2: Clarifying —Get Your “In” to Empty
Chapter 2 – How to Clarify
Step 3: Organizing —Set Up the Right Buckets for Your Stuff
Chapter 3 – How to Organize
Step 4: Reviewing —Keep Your System Working Smoothly
Chapter 4 – How to Review
Step 5: Engaging —Decide What To Do Right Now
Chapter 5 – How to Engage
How To Disappear Your Backlog
Chapter 6: How to Resolve Any Email or Paper Backlog
How To Your Launch Projects Effectively
Chapter 7 – How to Launch and View Your Projects —the Natural Way

Chapter 8 – How to Pursue GTD Mastery

I did like the GTD For Teens book because it broke GTD down into laymen terms to make it easier to absorb.

I’ll be curious to see it when it arrives in September.


I wasn’t going to get it, because a lot of workbooks are just blank pages with a title (such as the 12 week year workbook, at least according to the reviews), but I’m now sufficiently curious to have pre-ordered it!