Need help from the tech people: iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro

I need to upgrade my iPhone 6s Plus. It broke yesterday, so there is no trade in. Need help from you. You can drive yourself a little crazy, listening to all the comments/suggestions on Youtube. I am not a photo guy, so the camera is only a nice extra feature, but not important.

Your valued thoughts & thank you!

I did read this article

If you’re a camera person, the Pro offers a better screen and camera. Otherwise the iPhone 11 is a solid choice.

For those of us on a budget, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X generation are still good choices.

Sure, I’d love the latest and greatest but the 8 and the X series are still rock solid.

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Not an iPhone person, but unless you really badly need the latest tech, I’d go for the last year models. The Xr seems very solid, and the price will drop when the 11’s come out.
I feel that smartphone progress has really slowed down recently, the differences between last year and today’s models are tiny.

I have an LG G6, bought brand new in Nov 2017, works perfectly fine now (Android phones “get older” faster). And there isn’t a single feature in the new Samsungs/LGs/Whatever is popular now, that would make me switch.

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I currently have the XR and I gotta agree with others here. I’d go with an older or 11 model as really camera is the only thing the Pro has that you would want to pay extra for. Some things you may want to consider.

11 and XR will be Face ID and not Touch ID like going 8 or 8+

Battery life will be better with newer models 11>XR>8+
Each model suggests about an hour or more better

All are similar water resistant and only the 11 offers a 256GB drive (others are 64 or 128GB

So I’d suggest the XR unless you prefer Touch ID then I’d say go with the 8+

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I think it all depends on how much you want to spend.

The 11 Pro, 11, XR, 8+, etc. are all really great phones. My advice is: pick your budget range, a sense of when you want to upgrade next, and pick a phone accordingly.

Going to upgrade next year? Don’t feel bad about going to an XR.

Going to keep your phone for 3+ years? Maybe you want to invest in the 11 or 11 Pro.

There’s really no one best phone out there for people anymore. That’s a good problem to have in my opinion.

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