Navigating Uncertainty for Entrepreneurs & Creatives - Tracking Wonder

Listeners of Theoretical know that I’m working through the differences between working for myself (and subsequently doing client work) and joining a company. This is primarily due to a need to alleviate some stress in my life.

Which is why this article on Tracking Wonder caught my attention. I’m trying to decide if it’s better or worse to work for a company. There are a ton of pros and cons charts I could create. But it ultimately comes down to a feel for the industry. Jeffrey Davis at TW nails exactly how I feel with “navigating uncertainty” and “fertile confusion.”

I’ve gone back and forth on this. I used to work on a University campus. it was fun having the wide range of personalities. But sometimes office politics can get to me despite my best efforts to stay out of the line of fire.

I would go into the corporate world and soak up what I can. I was able to access resources and contacts that I normally wouldn’t get when going solo. I can get insight into how the office really works and get a better feel for how I can better apply my services. When I’ve had my fill, I hopefully, amicably separate but still have loose ties.

Now that I’ve gone solo, I do miss that corporate environment but enjoy my freedom. I do have an independent contract with my old University colleagues and can pick and choose from the variety of projects without needing to be tied back down into corporate. So it’s my side business for now. But I have the freedom to do other things. When I see an opportunity that’s too good to pass up, I might just take up the next corporate gig. But at least I have the choices available to me.

Build up your financial and knowledge capital while you’re at corporate. Then you can spin off eventually and become independent! Good luck!

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