My Top Productivity Books, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels for 2021

I haven’t done an update in a while with what I’m consuming for productivity goodness, so here’s my 2021 update!

Keep Productive

I have to plug @francesco’s YouTube channel, primarily because it’s the place where I get news about apps. Francesco does a great job of summarizing changes to apps and discussing the possibilities of new ones.


Cortex has been at the top slot of my podcast player for years now. Myke Hurley and CGP Grey constantly have great insights about productivity, business, creating, and a slew of inside jokes and humor to boot.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

A new podcast in the last year, Cal Newport’s venture into the audio world is actually a great insight into his mind around productivity and work. I’ve learned a ton about timeblocking, career management, and other productivity tactics and strategies in the last few months of listening. The Q+A format is also a nice break from the “two hosts bantering on a topic” format that most podcasts have.


@mikevardy’s blog has been around now for ages (in productivity world terms), but he still is pumping out relevant content on a regular basis. I’m especially fond of his recent quitting of Evernote for Obsidian. I’m biased, I know.

Christopher Lawley

I obtained an iPad Pro in the last year, and it’s amazing just how much this exploded my use of the device. I stumbled upon Christopher Lawley’s channel in my pursuit of learning how to use this device to it’s potential. I’m impressed with his videography, but more importantly, his videos are helpful on the journey to becoming an iPad power user.

Time Off

This book revolutionized my perception of work – work is more like a cycle of working and resting vs. the compartmentalized effort we often see it as. Hands down, this the one book I’d recommend anyone to read in the productivity space. Truly resting (which doesn’t mean doing nothing) is a lost art, and I believe this book will help us recover the practice.

Those are my top picks. What about you? What have you been consuming lately?

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Thanks for the Time Off recommendation. I’ve bought it on my Kindle.

For me Genius Foods & Beyond Order were my favourite books.

  • With Genius Foods - I started the Keto + IF diet. It’s healthy, easy to follow and I lost a lot of weight. I also have a lot more energy throughout the day, no more sleepy afternoons.
  • Beyond Order is a bit more controversial I guess. But I really liked his idea to make a space as beautiful as you possibly can. So I decided to turn my work area - my desk, into the best possible space I can make. And it makes a huge difference for my productivity. I can’t wait to sit down in front of my desk and get to work.
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Interesting! Mind sharing a link? I’d love to check this out.

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