MindNode 6 is available!

MindNode has been on an aggressive update schedule lately. It’s been a favorite tool of many users.

I’ve tried MindNode before but opted to go with iThoughts. iThoughts was much further along in development and MindNode was just a baby.

It looks like iThoughts and MindNode are almost equal with exception of a few unique features.

MindNode has a web site that allows us to share mindmaps. MindNode also has export to OmniFocus and a quick entry screen for fast brain dumps. Those are a couple of the features I can remember off the top of my head.

iThoughts has a built in web browser, tasks, cost analysis and a few other unique features.

The Sweet Setup has chosen MindNode 5 as the favorite mind map app. iThoughts was chosen as the app for power users.

You can’t go wrong with either app. I tried out MindNode 6 and iThoughts together. They are both an very equal footing with just a few features to differentiate each other,

I don’t know if there is anything that will make me switch from iThoughts to MindNode. It’s great to see mind mapping as a unique tool for creative endeavors such as project planning, writing, and anything that requires creativity and structure.

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Any changes to your Mind Mapping tools? I am new to MindMapping and looking for help? Thank you

I’ve been experimenting with a few, namely MindMeister and XMind since I’ve switched over to Windows. Both are cross-platform I believe. I like XMind a bit better than MindMeister because it’s a local vs. a web app, plus it has some unique ways to organize mindmaps, including in nested charts.

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I am OS & iOS. I looked at XMind, but it would be an expensive investment for me at this time. MindMeister wasn’t a fit. I will invest my time with MindNode. Thanks again for all your help!

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I’ve not changed much in my mind mapping methodology.

It’s mostly for brainstorming new projects when I want to go wild with my imagination. Create as many nodes and explore possible connections between the different branches. Then start eliminating.

My biggest use is for the “higher” horizons of GTD such as Areas of Responsibilities and Goals. I’ve used it to help me as a trigger map to create new projects that align closer to my personal goals and personal values. It helps me to see if there are any areas I may have neglected last year and might want to work on this year.

I bought iThoughts for Mac and iPad and preferred to pay the price up front instead of going subscription.

If you are not sure of investing that much money into mind map apps, I’d suggest going with one month subscription of MindNode. Pay for one month when you need it and then cancel the subscription when not needed. You can always use MindNode as a free reader app.

Another thought is to stick with an outliner such as OmniOutliner. Most word processors like Microsoft Word and Apple Pages will have basic outlining capabilities for you to use.

Here are some resources that I’ll look at every once in a while just to see what’s new

I’ll often visit some mind map template web site for inspiration and customize the mind maps to my needs.



This is very helpful and thanks for getting back to me.

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