MindNode 6 is available!

MindNode 6 is available!

MindNode has been on an aggressive update schedule lately. It’s been a favorite tool of many users.

I’ve tried MindNode before but opted to go with iThoughts. iThoughts was much further along in development and MindNode was just a baby.

It looks like iThoughts and MindNode are almost equal with exception of a few unique features.

MindNode has a web site that allows us to share mindmaps. MindNode also has export to OmniFocus and a quick entry screen for fast brain dumps. Those are a couple of the features I can remember off the top of my head.

iThoughts has a built in web browser, tasks, cost analysis and a few other unique features.

The Sweet Setup has chosen MindNode 5 as the favorite mind map app. iThoughts was chosen as the app for power users.

You can’t go wrong with either app. I tried out MindNode 6 and iThoughts together. They are both an very equal footing with just a few features to differentiate each other,

I don’t know if there is anything that will make me switch from iThoughts to MindNode. It’s great to see mind mapping as a unique tool for creative endeavors such as project planning, writing, and anything that requires creativity and structure.