Matt's Goals - 5/22-8/13

Matt's Goals - 5/22-8/13

The dates aren’t clean, but there’s no time like the present to start.

  • Write a book on Performance Tuning for WordPress
  • Write a talk on WordPress Performance (to be given at a fall WordCamp)
  • Improve soil fertility in garden and prep for fall planting
  • Work with son to re-side shed

The first two goals should dovetail well and I’m hoping that I can balance out the effort a little. We were going to do a regular summer garden but time got away from us so we’re compromising with a cover crop this summer and then cool weather plants in the fall (living at 3000 ft in the Sierra Nevada mountains). The shed is actually a bigger task than it might look because we’re going to install a new window and we need to do everything from the plywood sheathing out - sheathing, house wrap, trim, siding, prime, and paint.

Since the shed is really a workshop for my 11 year old son he’s going to work with me to redo it so he can learn basic construction techniques as part of the project.

The dates do work out well in one way - my wife is due with our 6th child on 8/14 so this is actually a good timeline from that perspective.

That’s a tad bit larger of a goal than we’d like to see here. Please refrain from such audacious goals in these forums.

Ignore the bot. It’s wrong. I love this, Matt.

The farm boy in me can’t help but ask this question: What are you using for a cover crop on the garden?

Congrats! Do you know girl/boy?

It’s a summer soil builder mix of buckwheat and cowpeas from Peaceful Valley.

This one is a girl, which brings us to 3 and 3.

I’ve not heard of Peaceful Valley but I’ll be passing that one along to my wife. She’s a big gardener and is consistently looking for good sources of inputs.

You’ll be balanced! And very outnumbered. :wink:

Yes, but our oldest is 15 so she’s a big help. She can make dinner (for all of us) and get her youngest siblings in bed if we need the help.

Execution Score for Week 1 - I completed all of my tactics towards my 4 goals.

:tada: Nice!

Two questions. One, what were those tactics? Two, what’s the plan for the next week? :wink:

Last Weeks Tactics

  • Outline Book
  • Plant cover crop
  • Get rainbow sprinkler
  • Water cover crop
  • Plan and cost pipe and water materials
  • Find shed window
  • Create material list for shed
  • Accept WordCamp speaker role

This Week’s Tactics

  • Measure distance from pump house to garden (~620 ft)
  • Write Chapters 1 and 2 for Performance Book
  • Water cover crop
  • Add hose bib in pump house
  • Plan tiller maintenance
  • Brainstorm WordPress Performance talk
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Let me know how I can help with accountability. It looks like you already in the swing of things.

Thanks, Josh. Just having this community where I can post my updates is good accountability.

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Execution Score for Week 2: 90%

I didn’t get Chapter 2 finished. My seasonal allergies were particularly bad last week and I really struggled with staying focused and making good use of my time.

Tactics for this week:

  • Finish Chapter 2 of book
  • Write Chapter 3 of book
  • Develop Marketing Plan for book
  • Water Cover Crop
  • Run hose from pump house to garden
  • Set up risers in garden
  • Work on talk (a bit vague…)

I’m skipping any tactics for the Shed this week since I have some flexibility in that schedule (scheduled activities are not for a couple weeks)

Ahhh… Flexibility… the bane and blessing of goals.

I too suffer from seasonal allergies. Kicks my ass every year.

I feel like I’m getting better at least. This year I’ve been much more active than in the past. I’ve been taking local honey in my tea almost every day for the last couple years and have added some homeopathy treatments into the mix this year. Seems like it’s working in that I’m able to actually go outside and go for walks and help in the garden. In previous years, I’ve pretty much just hunkered inside and tried not to breath any pollen.

Execution Score for Week 3: 100%

Tactics for this week:

  • Write Chapter 4
  • Write Chapter 5
  • Finish creating Performance Audit Worksheet
  • Brainstorm on content for WordPress Performance Book website
  • Find other WordPress Communities to join to get feedback on and promote book
  • Figure out how to make WP Performance talk distinct from book
  • Clean up talk outline and plan steps for writing talk
  • Plan fence repair materials
  • Cost fence repair materials
  • Get estimate for shed material

You’re making me look like a failure, Matt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, last week should help a bit with perspective. I fell way short of my tactics last week (largely due to the distraction of a new iPad, and taking the weekend to go backpacking with my 3 oldest kids). I’ve fallen off the horse but now I’m getting back up onto it this week.