Link: The controversial art of having no goals

I’ve flip-flopped between the idea of being free and going where the winder blows versus having a focused goal in mind. In this link, Tim Ferris (4 Hour Workweek) and Leo Babauta discuss this issue even further.

I think I’ve learned to not have so many goals hanging over my head and just select a goal for the next 3-5 years. Then I have a bunch of someday/maybe projects that I develop as far as I can. I’ll activate 1-3 projects and make them my Big Rocks for the week/month. Each project focuses on a phase and gets me a little bit closer to my overall goals.

Previously, goals sounded like this mythical situation where I have a huge road map and a vision ahead of me. I’e found that Life often takes me down different roads. I’ll deviate from my original goal and morph it into something that is probably closer to my heart. I won’t know what that vision is but it becomes clearer as I walk down this Road of Life.

This is a topic I think @anon53349805 and I have skirted around for a while. We’ve had a tendency to consolidate goals or make them bigger in scope, which would lead you to think about them as something more akin to life mission tactics than short-term targets.

But foregoing goals altogether seems a bit reckless to me.