Let's talk about burnout [Livestream]

This Twitter thread spurred me to consolidate some thoughts I’ve had about modern work and productivity.

Join me on YouTube 2021-06-25T19:00:00Z.

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Thanks for the topic. I’ve had the guilt of “gotta stay busy or I’m a worthless person” anguish.


Interestingly enough, there were some podcast episodes that talked about GTD and burnout

Whenever I’m feeling burnout, I have to re-assess my workload. Put the brakes on and go into a deep review mode. Set most projects on hold and then choose just a small handful to work on. Having the review allowed me to adjust my target sights. I became more aware of project statuses and see where things stand in the new situation.

GTD has been a safe structure point that allows me to park many projects back into Someday/Maybe or get it delegate or even deleted. Having the GTD framework gave me shelter and allowed me to carry on with work when it just feels like a tornado in my life.

The review allowed me to re-evaluate my commitments. Promises that were manageable.before COVID-19 (or any personal crises) suddenly became a non-priority when a storm arrives. Meeting with the other principals to re-negotiate terms lightens the load for me.

I’ve used my personal workflow and stress-tested it to see if I can withstand the onslaught and somehow stay functional or at least afloat.

Yep, burnout sucks. But doing an intense review and mind dump helps with the stress that comes with the burnout.

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Very important to be kinda harsh with commitments when you’re overloaded. If it’s not of utmost importance or generating health (i.e. going to the gym, meeting with friends), get rid of it if you can!

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