KM Macro to Open OmniFocus "Show in Projects" in new tab

KM Macro to Open OmniFocus "Show in Projects" in new tab

I’m trying to create a KM macro that will trigger the OmniFocus “Show in Projects” menu item but in a new tab.

Like many OM users, I want to drill down to the project level to modify or reorder tasks (despite the best of weekly/daily routines). I’d like that project info to launch in a new tab so I can quickly make changes close the tab once I’ve complete the work.

I can’t figure out a way to open a new tab then focus on a project based on the task that I have selected in the currently open window.

Any advice @wilsonng @rosemary or others? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I did do this once. I’m sure it could be done with an AppleScript but I’m not well versed in AppleScript (on the bucket list of things to experiment with in the future).

The lazy way (which is what I chose) is to have KM mimic what a user would do.

Select Menu: File > New Tab

  • This will open a new tab with the current perspective shown.

Select Menu: View > Show in Projects

OmniFocus’ current hot key to “Show in Projects” is Command-Option-R. I set my KM macro to this and it will replace the default OF3 behavior to reveal a task in the Projects perspective in a new tab.

For KM macros, see if you can do it manually. KM’s recording feature is a pretty awesome feature to figure it out. Go to AppleScripting if KM can’t do it.

This should get you want you want. In 2019, I have intentions to finally get my feet wet in Javascript and AppleScript. This would open up more complex scripting solutions. But for now, this one works for me.

I’m embarrassed. I thought to do just that but then thought it couldn’t be that simple. I assumed the correct project wouldn’t open in the new tab. Just built macro and it of course works.

I too would like to get AppleScript familiar…maybe in '19.

Thank you.

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Don’t worry about it! Always try the simplest way first. I remembered doing this a while ago and thought I needed AppleScript to do it. But it was just a simple KM macro that accomplished what I needed. I wouldn’t even count myself as a KM master. When I have a problem, I figure out how to do it in KM first. Then I’ll attempt to reach for AppleScript if KM isn’t enough. I slowly add to my KM macro library over time.

No need to over-engineer something unless you want to be one of those folks that likes solving those million dollar math puzzles that have gone unanswered for decades!