Justin’s 2019 Productivity Journal

Yes, I’m finding my BuJo as the daily driver to get things done. It’s a perfect compliment for my task manager which handles repeating tasks (with notifications) and deadline tracking.

Notion is a beast I’m scared of because it feels like a time suck to me. It’s so powerful but I wouldn’t know where to start. That was the same feeling I had with DevonThink and OmniFocus. I’d have to go on a mini-vacation and just sit down with it to try it out.

It always helps to have a trigger. I use the Due app to trigger a notification with a reminder every 30 minutes. I’ve found 30 minutes long enough that it’s not so annoying. Even though I do the daily review religiously, I always have the Due app set to ding me at 4:30 pm to remind me of my daily review.

I also use the Streaks app but I only work with 6 habits at a time. It takes time to adopt a habit. I was watching the videos for Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner. In one of the screencasts, he says it takes approximately 66 days to adopt a habit. He rounded it off to 70 days. Trying to adopt too many habits at one time will overload us. Our brain struggles to adapt to new routines. I’d say start off with 3 habits in the Streaks app to get it going. It’ll take a little over 2 months to get a habit going. But we still need the triggers as James Clear’s Atomic Habits champions.

Some personal habits that I’ve been attempting is to make sure I spend enough time processing my inboxes (Ulysses, Drafts, email, invoice scanning, OmniFocus , Download folder, Instapaper). I’m trying to keep a routine of doing inbox processing. But I always make sure there’s a trigger for it. It’s usually the Due app dinging or Keyboard Maestro automatically opening an app and an on-screen notification to remind me to work on inbox processing.

I’m still struggling with this myself. But I’d time track and keep records if I need it for client work. Otherwise, I’ll just use my Apple Watch to start a 30 minute timer to make sure I am working on something for at least 30 minutes.

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