Jump to end of a topic?

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere.

In Discourse I use J and K to move ↓ and ↑ the entries in a topic. Is there a shortcut to jump to the bottom or top of a topic? In a topic with a long history of entries, it would be useful to go to the most recent entry.

⌘+Down Arrow - Will bring you to the most recent post on a topic, likewise ⌘+ Up arrow will bring you to the top.

Also on the right side of the entries, there is an original posting date at the top and last entry date at the bottom if you click on the bottom time/date it will bring you to the most recent entry of that topic.

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Thank you @joshsullivan — I was looking at the help menu (press ? ) and didn’t see that :slight_smile:

The sidebar/date tip is also useful.

The CMD+ up or down arrows are a standard macOS (and iOS) shortcut - the left and right arrows take you to the ends of lines when you’re typing too.

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