Josh Sullivan's iPhone Homescreen

Got the iPhone XS Max on launch day, here’s my home screen. Didn’t really change from my 7 Plus.

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I’ve given up on arranging my home screen.

I just worry about my dock. Then I just swipe down to search… :flushed:

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Oh wow! Not sure I could do that. I’m a very organized person (or so I like to think I am) so a clean home screen helps me breathe! :joy::joy:

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Hi Josh: Why Notebooks vs Evernote or Notability? thank you & hope you have a great week.

Sorry for the delay in reply for some reason I missed this post.

I like Notebooks because it a simple text option that syncs via Dropbox and has applications on iOS, macOS, and Windows, plus files are saved as Markdown files. Therefore, I can view them in Dropbox on the web if I don’t have the Notebooks app installed on the computer I am using.

I’ve used Evernote before but cannot stand its inability to allow someone to get a file out of it quickly. I use DEVONthink, and that enables me to drill into the database and find the actual text file without having to open the application.

Another reason I like Notebooks is due to the Markdown formatting. I enjoy writing in Markdown, and the last time I was using Evernote, it still didn’t have Markdown capabilities.

I’ve never given Notability a real shot because it doesn’t have a Windows application (which I’m stuck on at work) and therefore would prohibit a true Personal Information System, which is what I achieve with Notebooks and DEVONthink. DEVONthink indexes my Notebooks file structure, and when I am working on a project, I use DEVONthink to organize all of my supporting sources and information (e.g. PDFs, Manuals, Web Archives, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and bookmarks), Notebooks is where all my notes and any writing I am submitting for the project is stored.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

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