iPhone Cases

I hear Otterbox, UAG, Totallee, etc. Any suggestion for protection from drops, dirt & dust. Looking for a case for great protection from drops, and cover for screen to protect from dust & dirt. Thank you

I don’t have any recommendations except what I use: the Caudabe Sheath – you might have better luck asking talk.macpowerusers.com, as those folks are suuuuper passionate about these kinds of questions!

I just bought a pela case and I’m in love with it!

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It was kind of a trivial question for your website. I did contact MPU. They are TRULY passionate about Apple products. Hope you are having a good day. :slight_smile:


I’ve used both the Otterbox and the UAG. Both are solid heavy duty cases. I never worry about my iPhone because they’re very tough. But it does make the iPhone bulky. But that’s the price to pay when you’re putting on iPhone armor.


Thanks Wilson, I appreciate your valued thoughts :slight_smile: