Introducing the Pro Newsletter! 🎉

After many conversations about it and discussing what it should entail, it seems fitting that the Pro side of the Guild has its own newsletter. It just makes sense.

Joe already runs his (mostly) regular #newsletters but it seems like a great place to offer a version that’s specific to Pro members. This will likely morph and grow over time, but this is where we’re starting. Let us know if there are aspects of this you would like to see added or changed and enjoy!

Items of note:

  1. The Science of Putting Pen to Paper
    Michael Hyatt and crew dive into the scientific reasons why pen, paper, and handwriting is so important. It’s interestingly indicative of why paper is coming back into style for productivity.

  2. 7 Simple Reasons Why I Can’t Wait for OmniFocus 3
    Colter Reed shares his take on why he’s excited about OF3. We’re pretty excited, too.

  3. Drafts Forums
    The Drafts community now has its own Discourse forum!

  4. The Time Management Ninja podcast
    Craig Jarrow from the Time Management Ninja has a podcast that offers short discussions ranging from 5 to 30 minutes about a wide range of productivity subjects. Topics have included time-shifting, 10 travel tips to make your travel effortless and less stressful, and time management tips for beginners.

  5. The OmniGroup Slack Channel
    In addition to the OmniGroup Discourse site, the OmniGroup also has a Slack channel that offers up a lively discussion about all things Omni-related. See the discussions of the OmniFocus 3 TestFlight as beta testers discuss ways to improve OmniFocus 3. Other discussions include OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle, and OmniPlan.

Quote of the week:

I support the social internet. I’m incredibly wary of social media. - Cal Newport


Tools worth your time:

Most people would benefit from using Drafts. It’s an app I’ve been using since version 1. And now it’s looking at version 5!

The biggest updates in v5 are a change in business model, a rebuild of the editor, more themes, and a changing app icon, and context-aware keyboard actions. I can already see this is going to be a time suck.

- @joebuhlig


@rosemary goes out of her way to help others get up to speed with Drafts 5 and OmniFocus. Here’s a recent blog post about using Drafts 5, TaskPaper, and OmniFocus.

Challenge for the week:

What is one digital location you can stop checking for a week? Facebook? Twitter? The Guild? :flushed: