Integrating a Personal Kanban App alongside a separate task management app! Any suggestions welcome!

Hi All
I’m a long time Things 3 user… I find it great for my needs ( I use paper for a daily spread)
I’ve recently discovered Personal Kanban - based on the book by the same name by Jim Benson. I find it really excellent in terms of seeing what work could be done and then choosing the most appropriate projects to work on
It really works for me! I use Kanbanflow software for my Kanban and I love it! BUT not sure that it is great for non project/everything else day to day stuff …I’m thinking of still using Things for capture and and tasks which need to be tracked n the future …, does anyone incorporate some kind of Kanban with a regular task manager such as Things or Omnifocus? How do you do it?!! What is your workflow?! I really like kanbanflow and want to stick with it (as it totally floats my boat for Kanban) so any ideas on how to use a regular task manager alongside that would be helpful! I suppose my concern is that having two separate places to check (Things 3 and kanbanflow)…I’m concerned tasks might get lost or could be in two places at once!

Many thanks in advance

I’ve been thinking of using Kanban for projects and leaving your task manager (Things) for the routine stuff (clean the aquarium, clear the garage, check batteries for smoke detectors) and the single one-off tasks (pick up eggs, pick up dry cleaning). If I want to work in a project, I’ll hit the kanban. But if I just need to work in contexts such as @house, @office, @mac then I’d look at Things and look for those tags.

I know I’ve heard that some people would rather have one app to take care of everything but sometimes certain tools work better than others for different types of work.

Let us know what you’ve decided after you’ve experimented it for yourself :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yes I suppose I have a slight fear of using two separate apps for tracking managing tasks… I think I will go through the 5 GTD phases of workflow and map out/plot out on paper first how each app fits into each phase… thinking of possible using ‘pointers’ from within Things app pointing towards Kanban app! Will keep youse posted!

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I’m afraid you may get stuck here, and make things a bit more complex than needed. Kanban is a totally different system and idea from GTD. While they are somewhat compatible, you do need a different mindset to handle them well!

For example: GTD really focuses on capturing and organizing stuff for efficiency, where Kanban heavily focuses on limiting active work. The principles work very well together, but in my experience, trying to GTD a Kanban board doesn’t work so well. YMMV.

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