Improving my audio and video setup

As a remote worker, I think having a quality audio and video setup is important to have the highest fidelity interactions with coworkers and customers.

However I don’t have my gear where I want it yet!

For example, my AirPods and Bose QC35 headphones regularly have connection issues on my Mac mini where I usually take calls. I have my podcasting rig there but that’s a bit overkill and too fussy for the normal company video call!

I’d love to get your feedback on what’s worked well for you.


I’m looking at a couple of options here:


The standard here is the Logitech C920 which I own. Where things are lacking is lighting. I have no idea where to start here beyond throwing up a work lamp I bought at a home improvement store.

I’ll keep this topic updated with my final decisions too but I’d love to get your input first.

I have some Ikea USB desk lamps (they have a triangular base), these are very light weight and I usually have them plugged in and lighting up the wall behind my monitor for additional light whilst I’m on a call.

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In that vein, these look interesting: