I'm excited for our first guest

Two short things this week:

First, The Sweet Setup launched a new course last week called Simple Habits , and we’re doing a giveaway ! And the easy part is if you’re seeing this email, you’re already entered to win. On June 15th we’ll pick a winner and announce later that week.

If you need some help with building habits, you can find the course here.

Speaking of The Sweet Setup, the second announcement of the week is our very first guest on Remotely Working: Shawn Blanc

I’ve followed Shawn’s work for the better part of a decade, so it was an honor to interview him about his company Blanc Media, why they work remotely, and the unique rhythm and cadence they’ve set for that work. That podcast drops Monday, June 1st.


[Remotely Working] 6: Ten Focus-Building Strategies — You understand why focus is important; now how do you actually go about focusing during your day to day? This week, we discuss 10 strategies you can employ to build your focus muscles.

[Process] 61: Structured & Unstructured Workspaces — Roam Research has illuminated a new kind of productivity tool — the unstructured workspace. While not the first, it did get Justin thinking on the differences between structured and unstructured tools and why you need both.

[YouTube] Obsidian - A First Look — Obsidian is a next-generation note-taking tool aiming to compete with the likes of Roam Research. If you’re building a connected personal knowledge management system, is Obsidian an good option? Let’s find out.


Drew Coffman’s Video on Leonardo DaVinciKey Takeaway: Embrace distractions because that’s where connections come from.

That’s all for this week!

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